Angela Barton


David Rasmussen
Vice President


Lisa Boydstun
Secretary Treasurer


Justin Regan

President’s Message

Hello members and friends!

My name is Angela Barton. As President of the Kern County Law Enforcement Foundation, I would like to begin by sharing why being a member of KCLEF is important to our community. KCLEF was established over 28 years ago and has raised approximately One Million dollars toward benefiting our local departments and the various programs run by those departments. I consider it a privilege and honor to be a part of supporting the 29 Law Enforcement Agencies throughout Kern County by assisting them with the resources needed to supply the appropriate tools to do their job; resources are often not available based on existing budgets and are always limited. Since becoming a member, I have had an opportunity to serve on many of the Foundation’s committees and along with the other members we have created many success stories and I am proud to be affiliated with this organization.

A few examples of those benefits would include:

Equipment and material needs for several departments, which were often limited by county or city budgets. Assisting in building a canine facility for The Kern County Sherriff office. Firearms, Tasers, Computer Programming and Tracking devices for drug enforcement officers and Atomically Correct Dolls for victimized children. KCEF has assisted in purchasing lifesaving equipment and a multitude of items too numerous to mention.

Kern County Law Enforcement Foundation gives out a $4000 4 year scholarship per year. The KCLEF Scholarship program has assisted our communities next generation who seek a career in law enforcement. The foundation has pledged of 100,000 in education since conception 28 years ago.

Of course, none of this is possible without our members and sponsors. The KCLEF takes great pride in the efforts put forth throughout the community. I’d like to take this opportunity to extend an invite to those interested in becoming a member and becoming an integral part of our Law Enforcement Community. I welcome you to contact myself, or any member of the Board for further information on how to become a member. Our efforts to serve the community and our Law Enforcement is not possible without the continued participation of our members. Kern County has remained one of the strongest Law Enforcement supporters in the entire state and we are proud of our members for cultivating this organizational strength that directly results in keeping our community and homes safe.


Angela Barton

KCLEF President