If you would like to print and mail in your KCLEF Membership Application Click Here (PDF format) to download KCLEF's Membership Application, Or Click the "Apply Now" button below to complete the KCLEF Membership Application & Payment online.


  • Annual Individual Membership | $100.00
  • Annual Family Membership | $175.00
  • Annual Corporate Membership | $1000.00
  • Lifetime Membership | $2500.00

The purpose of a background investigation is to ensure that our members are people of the highest ethical and professional standards in order to build the best possible partnership between citizens and law enforcement.

Prior to becoming a member of the foundation a search of criminal history records, DMV records, and any other information source necessary will be done by the Kern County Sheriff’s Department in order to ensure that the foundation has members of the highest character.

The following criteria will be used when determining the suitability of any applicant for membership in the Kern Law Enforcement Foundation.

  • Multiple convictions for driving under the influence
  • Exclusion for any sexual assault or child abuse convictions
  • Exclusion for any felony conviction for a crime of violence
  • Five year exclusion for any misdemeanor crime of violence
  • Exclusion for any felony drug related conviction
  • Five year exclusion for any misdemeanor drug conviction
  • Exclusion during the time of probation or parole for any offense
  • Five year exclusion of any crimes against property
  • Ownership, partnership or employment by business that is considered offensive to law enforcement standards (strip clubs, medical marijuana store, drug paraphernalia stores, etc.)